Friday, September 20, 2013


Having a mother who still teaches one a decade after her departure from this life.
She is the mom, beneath whose feet ,the messenger described as paradise.

What was man born to do?

To fight for truth and win, and in defeat ,to admit defeat, but NOT to accept defeat within.

At long last, after a long dark night of the soul, she awakened my 
discouraged spirit, saying as she had decades ago. "Son. It is not the end of the world, rise and shine again."

  "Zero plus zero is still zero", my mother said this many times, but I have always been too dumb to understand her.
The current state of the  land of the pure, to which we managed to move in August 1947, from Delhi .........the current state is a big fat zero minus.

Why do I say this?

My friend pointed this out the other day while we biked around this town.
It was a sunny day, cool and bracing, [they call it Indian Summer]
 "As long as you have the American boot on your neck you can not ever be FREE."
"Why are you concerned?" 
"Because if Pakistan breaks free of their boot, it helps us in the rest of the planet."

Paul is a very passionate friend.
He even went down with the pink ladies group to support Imran Khan's campaign prior to the recent election in Pakistan.
"Do you have ANY humour in your holy book?"
"Please show me something humorous in it."
All we hear in the media daily is "Kill, Kill, Kill."

I must concede that Paul has a point.
"I shall make a concerted effort to find HUMOUR in it."
While I make this promise, I am not very hopeful 
Albert Brooks, a few years ago did make a foray into Delhi to find an answer to the vital question.
"Did you see the movie?" 

Paul did not see the movie. "I do not see movies."

Paul is a DOER, not a mealy mouthed procrastinator like me.